Case Studies

Our solutions balance customer objectives, requirements, implementation and program management.

Our solutions have ranged from:

  • Defining the three year IT strategy for a Fortune 100 insurance company.
  • Leading the strategic implementation enabling data warehouse migration to Big Insights and Hadoop for the nations’ largest companies.
  • Designing an overall data archive solution for a nationwide company hosting 4,000 regional clinics.
  • Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) through data access monitoring and security analytics.
  • Evolving project management and delivery through the use of Project Management Office (PMO) and Earned Value Reporting
  • Elevate management staff through leadership and management training.

Feel free to browse our varied case studies to get an idea of what we’ve done for other customers and what we can do for you.

Enterprise Architecture Three Year Strategy

Our Client, a Fortune 100 health insurer, maintained multiple applications performing the same capabilities. Our role was leading the effort to define the three year processing strategy.

Read the full case study here.

Archive Remote Clinics

Our client maintained 4,000 regional clinics, each containing their own stand alone patient and financial management system. Our challenge was archiving sensitive data, subject to legal holds and varied retention rules, without impacting WAN performance while fulfilling Chain of Custody.

Read the full case study here.

Data Warehouse Hadoop

Assisting our client, a Fortune 100 health insurance company, by leading the strategic implementation and defining the process management methods enabling data warehouse migration to Big Insights and Hadoop.

Read the full case study here.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Our Client was a Fortune 10 health insurer concerned about the potential of damage from intruder exfiltration of sensitive data (Personally Identifiable Information and Protected Health Information) or trusted user malfeasance. Their objective was to protect their customers and members from intruders and from internal and external exploitation of security holes.

Their original mission; protect data across 75,000 databases.

We worked with their program management staff framing the project scope, delivery, monitoring policies and standards and creating the technical and project management work team to integrate and implement the security plan. As the Chinese proverb says: “the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” We had seen many projects fail due to unrealistic expectations so we worked with the team to direct appropriate first year expectations.

We helped the Client select IBM Guardium as the most appropriate software for data access monitoring. Once the software was selected, we were then able to guide the Client in budgeting and scheduling, as well as coordinating across all of their stakeholder support groups: DBAs, systems administrators, procurement, security and so forth.

The definition of the plan and policies required facilitation across varied administrative and bureaucratic procedures and processes which differed across database and operating platform types: one set of standards for Oracle on UNIX, another different set for SQL Server on Windows and a different set for MYSQL, mainframe DB2 and so on.

Our program management team defined appropriate monitoring metrics to report upwards on project progress and ROI. Through weekly program meetings, we reviewed issues and risks, devising appropriate response strategies to maintain forward progress according to plan.

At the conclusion of the first year of the program, active preventive monitoring, integrated with company SIEM and SOC, covered 6,500 databases. The largest first year deployment for this technology. Our program exceeded company objectives and received a five star rating, the only security program to do so. The Client sponsor was quoted as saying: “We could not have accomplished this without you”.

Establishing Profitability

Client is a national janitorial services company operating in all 50 states. Unfortunately, they had failed to evolve their IT competence not able to leverage their own internal data. Though there were many sales and services routes, business users and management were unable to tell profitability of any particular route or customer.

Selling customers is important as long as those customer arrangements are profitable.

Client had contracted with a 3rd party vendor to provide a complete analytical solution, extracting sales and cost data, creating an analytical scorecard to enable financial and profitability analysis of products, routes, customers and geographies.

Our role was trusted advisor. Recognizing the funding required, Client needed advisory direction on contract, milestones, vendor technical and execution plans. Our role was assisting the Client spend their funding wisely, ensuring Client operating objectives were clearly articulated within the contracted scope of work and there was a venue to ensure vendor delivered.

We worked with the vendor to direct the architecture, develop the strategy and ensure quality assurance was a key operating aspect of code and functional deliveries.

The strategic and tactical insight we brought to the Client enabled Client to monitor delivery and manage the vendor to ensure the functional capabilities and quality of those capabilities met the Client objectives.

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